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Introduction to the Permanent Way

Course Aims

This course is intended to provide a delegate with a basic understanding of the Permanent Way Infrastructure, for delegates with little Permanent Way knowledge, including maintenance and renewal activities.


2 days

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course the delegates will: -
• Have a basic understanding of track construction and geometry
• Have a basic understanding of Network Rail’s controlled Infrastructure relating to structures and buildings
• Have a basic understanding of the renewal and maintenance of Plain Line and Switch & Crossings
• Have an introduction to Network Rail company standards
• Be aware of the need for structure gauging and clearances
• Be aware of track defects and the remedies
• Be aware of the requirements of off-track work

Pre Requisite Requirements

There are no particular educational or competence pre-requisites required for this course.

PPE Requirements

Personal Protective Equipment is not required on this course


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to the delegate upon successful completion of the course. Certification has no expiry.