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Stressing for Designers

Course Aims

The course is intended to provide a delegate with a basic understanding in the Stressing of CWR for both Plain Line and S&C.


1 day

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the delegates will:

• Be able to understand the reasons for Stressing

• Have an understanding of Track Terminology relating to Stressing

• Understand the correct installation of insulated Rail Joints within CWR

• Have an understanding of Stressing of CWR that is newly laid, in curves, through tunnels and over longitudinal timbers (way beams)

• Have a basic understanding of Re-stressing of existing CWR

• Have an understanding of the correct positioning of Adjustment Switches

• Have a basic understanding of the general Stressing procedure relating to S&C

• Have a basic understanding of the Components and their replacement within S&C

• Be aware of the causes and rectification method for Stressing faults within S&C

Pre Requisite Requirements

Delegates attending this course should have a basic knowledge of the Permanent Way and its components.