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Track Patrolling & Hot Weather

Course Aims

This course is intended to provide delegates with a full understanding of the duties of a Track Patroller and the understanding of track behaviour in hot weather conditions during these duties, in a safe and efficient manner, in accordance with the latest Network Rail Standards. 


5 days

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course the delegates will:
• Understand fully the duties of the Patroller
• Understand the Inspection System and the Patroller’s role within that system
• Be fully aware of the equipment carried and its purpose
• Understand fully the safety requirements including Electrified Lines
• Understand the Fault Recording Procedure and Reporting Lines
• Be able to clearly state the features to be observed in Plain Line, S&C and Off Track (including Level Crossings)
• Understand the requirement for the Superficial Examination of Structures
• Be able to identify common maintenance problems
• Understand how to classify and allocate priorities
• Fully understand the need for minor maintenance and running repairs
• Identify actual and potential emergency situations and take the necessary action
• Be able to implement “Protection of the Line” procedures when it becomes unsafe

• Be aware of the background and statistics relating to track buckles
• Have an understanding of track behaviour during hot weather conditions
• Have an understanding of the symptoms and causes of track buckles
• Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic visual inspection process
• Have a clear understanding of the track defects which may be affected by hot weather conditions
• Be aware of the precautions to be taken in Jointed Track, C.W.R. and S & C
• Have an understanding of the requirements of hot weather briefings
• Have an understanding of the actions to be taken during hot weather conditions

Pre Requisite Requirements

The following pre-requisites are required for this course:-
• Ideally delegates will have first hand experience of work on the Permanent Way and be familiar with all track layouts.

PPE Requirements

This course requires the delegate to be on or near the running line and therefore, they MUST be in possession of:-
• Valid P. T. S. Card
• Protective “all orange” High Visibility Clothing to BS EN 471:2003
• Safety Footwear to BS EN ISO 20345:2004
• Safety Helmet (white/blue) to BS EN 397:1995
• General Purpose Gloves to BS EN388:2121
• Safety Glasses BS EN 166 and of Optical Class 1 with Impact Resistance F


A Certificate of Training will be awarded to the delegate upon successful completion of the course. Certification has no expiry. Continued assessments must take place in accordance with industry and legislative requirements for competence management.