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Manual Handling

Course Aims

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate why manual handling is an important workplace consideration and to show how manual handling operations can be completed safely.


60 minutes

Learning Objectives

What you need to know
A basic understanding of how to safely undertake the manual handling of inanimate objects is an essential skill in the construction working environment.

Manual handling is the moving of items either by lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling with bodily force. Manual handling takes place in almost every workplace, and plays a major part in a range of activities undertaken within the construction work environment.

When required, manual handling must be undertaken safely and correctly, as incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work.

This course provides guidance on:

  • Legislation
  • Injuries associated with manual handling
  • Avoiding and assessing manual handling operations
  • Good manual handling techniques


This course is accredited by the CPD Certification Service

Renewal Recommendation - We recommend you renew this course on an annual basis or in accordance with your Company competence management system.