Track Geometry Supervisor

Course Aim

This course is intended to provide delegates with the underpinning knowledge and skills necessary to be able to guide and supervise machines undertaking maintenance and or renewal of the track.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course the delegate will:-

  • Be able to detail the roles and responsibilities of the Track Quality Supervisor, track and technical support staff and machine operators when carrying out mechanised track maintenance and/or renewal
  • Be aware of all relevant site and machine safety procedures
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the types of mechanised plant used including:-
    – Machine capabilities and limitations
    – outputs
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the relevant Company and Network Rail Standards which apply to mechanised track renewal/maintenance work
  • Be able to undertake a site survey before and after the mechanised plant have worked
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the procedure for marking out of the track to ensure protection of the infrastructure including structural clearances
  • Be aware of the principles of tamping and lining
  • Have a clear understanding of the Structure Gauge and Clearances when undertaking a site survey

Course Duration

Five Days, including competence assessments


There are no particular educational pre-requisites for the course. However, the following factors will be a significant benefit:-

  • An in-depth knowledge of both plain line and S&C track layouts and their components
  • Previous experience in undertaking mechanised plant work

Personal Protective Equipment

This course requires the delegate to be on or near the running line and therefore, he/she MUST be in possession of:-

  • A Valid P.T.S. Card
  • Protective “all orange” High Visibility Clothing to BS EN 471:2003
  • Safety Footwear to BS EN ISO 20345:2004
  • Safety Helmet (white/blue) to BS EN 397:1995
  • General Purpose Gloves to BS EN388:2121
  • Safety Glasses to BS EN 166 and of Optical Class 1 with Impact Resistance F


A Certificate of Competence will be awarded to the delegate on successful completion of both theoretical and practical assessments.