Safe System of Work Planner – Initial

Course Aims

To provide the understanding, knowledge and skills to undertake and complete bespoke and appropriate safe systems of work plans for staff required to work on or about the Network Rail Controlled Infrastructure.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the process for planning Safe Systems of Work in accordance with NR/L2/OHS/019, Safety of People Working On or Near the Line.
  • Access and extract information from various sources and using that information in the production of Safe Systems of Work Plans for use by staff required to work safely on or about the Network Rail Controlled Infrastructure including:

– Sectional Appendix
– Hazard Directory
– GI Portal & Omni Surveyor
– 5 Mile Diagrams
– Signalling Diagrams
– Google Maps

  • Have a basic understanding of key Rule Book modules and Handbooks associated with planning and implementing Safe Systems of Work.

Course Duration

Four days including assessment.


The candidate MUST:

  • Be a minimum age of 18 years
  • Have a good understanding of the English language and literacy levels
  • Have successfully completed the SSWOP Pre-training knowledge assessment


This competency is valid for 2 years.

A Network Rail Sentinel Track Safety card will be awarded to each successful candidate.

Post Training Requirements

Following completion of the training each delegate shall undertake a period of mentored workplace experience to enable the learning to be consolidated through practical workplace experience. This initial period shall NOT EXCEED FOUR MONTHS