Following completion of the Controller of Site Safety training a delegate will be issued with a competence endorsed as Probationary.

In order to remove the Probationary status the delegate must complete a period of mentorship within four months of the initial training course.

During this period the delegate must demonstrate to a mentor that they are ready for Post Mentoring Core Competence Assessment. Evidence of this must be recorded in the Work Experience Book

The Post Mentoring assessment includes the following requirement:

Re-assessment of the COSS’s PTS knowledge.

The Assessor should observe the COSS implementing a Safe System of Work in a real environment. The assessor must not form the group. The assessor will also ask questions to check knowledge and all documentation will be checked.

If successful a competence of 24 months will be awarded.

An Interim competence assessment is required between 9-15 months following the first 24 months of competence. The candidate must have at least four entries in their work experience book prior to the interim assessment.

The COSS must then have at least 4 entries in the work book prior to any recertification event.